Searching for a Band

for this documentary project I’m searching for a Band played at the 7.7. at about 21 o’clock at this dead end road near “Grüner Jäger”, between “Stresemannstr” and “Neuer Pferdemarkt”.

They didn’t play on a stage, the played on the ground in front of their bus.

Please share this and contact me if you have any suggestions who they are.

Extreme Short film 60 seconds Democracy

At 7. and 8. July 2017 the leaders of the 20 richest countries of the world met in the city of Hamburg/Germany. The major of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz announced the meeting as a “Festival of Democracy”. Over 30.000 police officers where in the city to protect it. Up to 100.000 people came to Hamburg to protest against it.

Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva accompanied the week of protests with their cameras.

This 60 seconds short film shows how the democratic Federal Republic of Germany reacted on protest while the G20-Summit in Hamburg.